About Author

Ezzah khalid

"In world so fast paced and chaotic every soul tries to find its hideout to take a break. The best of it to me was thing that is cathartic as well as fulfilling, ""writing."" Being an avid reader I always had a connection to text but it turned out to be magical when they came out from my nib. My blogs are and would be more of personal recounts describing life, ballads, melody, seclusion and infinity. Blogging to me is just another way to honor words with what they deserve. I write as part of my routine be it my diary, poems or any other scratch, it is the satisfaction I treat my soul with. Blogging I believe can be helpful in expression and speaking up for one. It can help one to be an influencer in a positive way. So my writings would be all about my faith and belief in what I need to and can do with words. My thoughts and subjective reflection can be at points in my narratives, but when issues like politics, religion or current affairs would step my pen would be totally unbiased.. I look forward to this experience as one to help me grow as a writer.