About Author

Ayesha Mehmood

Ayesha Mehmood has more than 10 years of professional experience in corporate sector in Pakistan. Currently she is working as Manager International Operations at Institute of Knowledge and Leadership, Dubai. She is responsible for marketing operations in the MENA region, Pakistan and Turkey. She oversees wide range of international clients and has particular responsibility for content development, proposal drafting and marketing activities on social media platforms. She is highly effective at incorporating creative leadership skills to achieve business objectives. She possesses strong communication, interpersonal relationships, mentoring and organizational skills. She believes that passion, enthusiasm, eagerness and interest is the key to success at the workplace and lives out through her interest in strategy, leadership, critical thinking, employee engagement, managerial skills, and innovation and creativity. Ayesha Mehmood earned her MS Degree in Strategic Human Resource Management from UMT School of Business and Economics that is accredited among the top 5 business schools in Pakistan.