About Author

Anusha Manahil

"Since I was a scrawny middle-schooler, I developed an annoying habit (mostly for mom). When the clock stroke 2 pm, I started to document whatever had happened that day in my head and the instant I stepped inside the car, I used to recite the whole day to my mom. Sometimes she came home late and I had to wait for her to settle down so I could start my ‘day-telling’, as I used to call it. So you see, I've always had a knack for storytelling. This slowly turned into diary entries and then it progressed to blogs where I could express my feelings freely. Therefore, blogging for me is an expression of speech, a way to connect my internal world to my external reality. What makes my content different is the fact that I am completely unfiltered in my ways of expression, I do not beautify my simple ideas to be some grand philosophies but keep things as they are with a pinch of dramatics. I tell stories, my experiences and my inner thoughts. Keeping things as close to reality and moving on from incidences helps keep me sane and allows an open and honest outlet for anyone who is struggling to express their innermost passions. There won’t be any flashy things on my blogs, just simple daily happenings and their significance and insignificance.