This blog is a reflection of writer’s hunt for the best university in town

After my intermediate examinations, I was eager to search for the best universities in Pakistan so that I could take admission and continue my studies in a bid to build a successful career ahead.

I visited many universities with my father and came to a halt at UMT that fascinated the two of us. The well-furnished offices, lush green grounds also known as UMT greens, the ambiance of cafeterias, air-conditioned classrooms, and insightful setting of the library impressed us right away.        

Moreover, a lot of people gave us positive and approving reviews about UMT and its curriculum, and hence the institute ultimately became our first choice for undergraduate studies. 

One of the things that attracted us the most is the W4 ranking awarded by HEC to UMT. Plus, overseas students from over 18+ countries study at the varsity. UMT offers 140 accredited programs in a diverse range of disciplines. 

UMT has come a long way since its inception. There has been tremendous growth in its academic disciplines and infrastructure. Moreover, UMT ensures that all of its academic programs are relevant to real-world business needs.

The faculty members of UMT are known as their pride. UMT can rightly claim to be one of the few universities in the region that has a highly qualified and experienced faculty.

UMT has top-notch and well-equipped science, engineering, health sciences, and textile laboratories to provide hands-on learning and practical experience to students.

In addition to this, there have also been many assuring reviews about administration and management. And we found no reason to negate these reviews as it was a fruit of their hard work that made this university one of the top universities in Asia.

Besides, the library of UMT is considered to be a very well managed and well-stocked resource center. It is also called “The Treasure House of Knowledge” by the students and alumni, as this well-supplied library paves the way towards the attainment of rare to be found contents for various academic and research endeavors. Apart from helping students accelerate in academics, it also helps them to quench their thirst for books that interests them.

UMT also provides various opportunities to the students for presenting and developing their talents. The concept of student societies and clubs at UMT is all about having fun, getting active, making new friends, building strong bonds, and enhancing or learning new skills. UMT has different active societies and clubs that cultivate students’ skills in diverse areas.

The benefits leading from educational and cultural exchange programs help students to gain a better understanding of foreign cultures and the global economy. The student exchange programs and the cultural visits arranged by UMT lay the foundation for international collaboration and enhance the competency of the graduates.

The international and national conferences organized at the university provide great learning and networking opportunities to faculty as well as the students and staff. This also serves as a forum where one can meet global researchers and leaders in their respective fields and engage with key stakeholders in a particular area.

The UMT Grand mosque caters to the spiritual and holistic development of the students by offering facilities for daily prayers as well as Friday sermons by renowned scholars and speakers.

Moreover, students have access to recreation and leisure as well as excellent computing and lab facilities, medical services, cafeterias, hostel residency for out of station students, and a well maintained and efficient transport service.

Keeping in view these points, and reviews of the alumni, I didn’t have any other choice but to make UMT my first choice.

Areej Danish

Areej wants to motivate people to change their lifestyle and adopt eating healthy practises.

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