Literature never ceases to fascinate its lovers with its diversity in limitless categories. If you are such a patron of literature and want to utilize your spare time in something worth it, reading is the best option. You may go for anything of your choice. Most of us may not be a fan of history that makes reading dry, at least I can’t keep up with the traditional historical readings. So, I go for the classics! The best thing about classics is that it never fails to be relevant, no matter what era you’re living in. The universality of the classics stands out as its most interesting feature. You might be thinking about what could relate to the current pandemic situation that has stressed the world out. Well, we have had lots of pandemics in the past as well and depicted in the classics as well! So, here are the top five must-read classics of all times:

Pride and Prejudice (Jane Austen)

It will be quite justified to start your classic adventure with one of the best-selling novels of all the time “Pride and Prejudice”, as it is known as one of the finest romance novels in literature. You will have a whale of a time being indulged in a romantic love story blended with a match-making theme and familial cords.

Things fall apart (Chinua Achebe)

Literature is art and art has no boundaries! This classic will take you to the African lands and introduce you to a variety of Nigerian culture and the story of growth and life as a quest. With a significant mark of colonization, this novel gives one of the predominant themes of identity and hybridity in culture. Can you sense how it relates? We are all living in a hybrid culture and it doesn’t require you to be African to understand! I got pretty excited about this one specifically.

Jane Eyre (Charlotte Bronte):

You must have read at least some section of this novel somewhere in the school. Let me tell you, the whole novel is awe-inspiring. A perfect depiction of childhood trauma, supernatural, love life, the struggle of a woman in stereotypical society, self-worth, and embracing femininity! Jane Eyre is also remarkably known for its gothic elements. 

Robinson Crusoe (Daniel Defoe)

You can’t even doubt the worth of this novel after knowing that people started to believe that Robinson Crusoe, the main character, was a real person and all the incidents were true. That’s a success to me itself! I need to read this classic masterpiece!”

Macbeth (William Shakespeare)

Got no time to read long novels? No worries. A play is quite a good option to meet the literary cravings. No other playwright other than Shakespeare pops into mind while discussing plays. His plays are mostly a depiction of Elizabethan society but again, classic and versatile. Macbeth is one such tragedy where political aspects like power, ambition collide the personal longings and ends in a tragedy. You can also watch the Bollywood movie “Maqbool” as it is one of Macbeth’s adaptations. 

That’s not all but a good list to get introduced to the top-ranked classics of all the times. These masterpieces are valid to date and will continue to stay valid for good. These classics depict the basic aspects of life, both vicious and blissful. A text becomes 10 times more interesting when you can relate to it. Open up your mind windows while reading any of these and enjoy your hours of happy reading! 



Samaia Amjad

I know I'm not really funny, I just think I am! P.s. I love myriads of stuff; dressing up, going to desi weddi

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