There is a common notion that anime are 'cartoons'. NO! THEY ARE NOT. They are meant for any audience, have lessons and tackle many social issues unlike cartoons which are mostly for kids. There is another common misconception that anime has sexual visuals but that’s not it! not every anime has that! There are many amazing classic anime that can change the way you think about them! Here are some anime which I would suggest you watch as a beginner.

1- Akatsuki no 4

Yona (Yona of the Dawn):

Genre: Adventure, Fiction, Fantasy, Romance

It is the story of a girl, who is used to a luxury lifestyle being the daughter of a King/Emperor, but events happened that changed her into a strong female lead who can stand on her own feet and can fight for herself.  It portrays women empowerment and shows betrayal and politics in a ruled empire. 

In most stories we see stereotypes where a boy must save the girl but in this story the girl is willing to take risks herself.  She fights her own battle while discovering leadership.

2- Death Note: 

Genre: Psychological thriller, Mystery

This is the story of a boy named Light Yagami who discovers the death note by chance and if he writes some person's name in it while thinking of that person's face, they will die. Yagami is a genius who is too smart for people and bored with life so he decides to use the death note for greater humanity by killing the criminals. Find it interesting and fascinating?

The whole theme of death note explores the idea of Morality. What is good and what is bad. This shows that doing the bad things with good intentions can lead you to evil ways. This series also questions justice. It's very intense and classic. There might not be a real death note in the world but why not learn Morality? Why not imagine, if there's one what would you do?

3- Violet Evergarden:

Genre: Coming-of-age, Drama, Romance

Violet is an orphan and a former child soldier. Her commander, whom she looked up to is gone. She heard him saying he loved her before his death but she didn't understand what love is. 

This series shares how someone who has become emotionless due to the harsh reality of life learns about the importance of emotions and experiences a change in personality. This anime taught me that  everyone faces difficulties in life, you may become emotionless but you'll find good people too and you'll learn the importance of yourself that you're A HUMAN with feelings, not a TOOL for anyone to use and that EVERYTHING has consequences.

4- Haikyuu:

Genre: Comedy, Coming-of-age, Sports

Haikyuu means volleyball in Japanese. It shows the life of high school student, Shoyo Hinata who starts to love volleyball after watching a professional match. His dream is to become a  ‘Little giant’ (professional volleyball player). He teams up with his rivals, and they all contribute in matches using mind games and intelligent techniques. Filled with many interesting characters and funny dramatic instances this drama is for anyone who loves watching sports related content. It has lessons about friendship and the matches are super cool too! Action packed.


Genre: Dark fantasy, Fiction, Adventure

This is a story of two brothers who have the supernatural ability to transform matter. They try to transmute their dead mother which ends up in a disaster and they lose their bodies in the process. Throughout the series they show exceptional growth as they seek out the most powerful philosopher’s stone to heal themselves. It did an outstanding job balancing incredibly dark plot points and painful moments with tons of silliness, running gags and genuine warmth. If you like fiction, Then it's a must watch anime.

You can never know the nature of something unless you try that out so give it a go and you’ll be introduced to the amazing world of weebs!

Mahnoor khan

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