Art is one of the most popular cultures to express yourself. It helps you to detangle the unsolved knots in your head. It delivers your feelings as well as it goes about as a representative of your cultural values. Art is free of boundaries and limitations. It is a medium which evokes the emotion of nostalgia in the spectators’ eye. It's sad how art is not considered as an essential course with other disciplines. Although art was introduced when writing wasn't; be it the dark ages or the stone age itself.

The way it is evolving we can definitely see much bold and cultural oriented themes in the digital world. As we all know, art itself is categorized into many branches similarly people who promote art belong to different niches too. Be it an influencer, motivational speaker, web designer or a Gaming video creator; all consist of artistic quality and are willing to promote another artist to.

Following are the top 3 design/artists that you should be following for inspiration:

Abdal Mufti: 

He is a self-taught storyteller and an amazing Illustrator. His unique way of spreading little point ways of life from his audience is quite commendable. The uses of blue, red and yellow hues are mostly observed in his work which depicts absurdness and emptiness of a society. His illustration covers music sung by well renowned artists like Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Amanat Ali, Bano Qudsia, Zeb Bangash and Abida Parveen etc. One can definitely learn how to tackle high notes of the society which are left untouched in the most subtle way.

Wajeeha Abbasi: 

Wajeeha Abbasi is a well-established graphic designer and an Illustrator. Her work speaks to accounts and minutes from consistently, alongside subjects around woman, mainstream society and Edward said philosophy of "Self and the other". In times where "Now or Never" is the trending slogan, one could definitely learn how to go from all the subtle vibes to the rock and pop color scheme. Her work is all about being bold and breaking the boundaries so why don't use splash some neon's on the society.

Mitch Leeuwe: 

If you are someone who is a Noob in the sketching field then you got lucky because I am here to save you. Mitch Leeuwe is a conceptual artist who works for comics and shares tips and tricks on characters designing on YouTube channel where he teaches young artists how to play with digital creativity. In this multimedia world where animated and digital art is advancing one could definitely learn how Leeuwe works and give a good kick start to his own career.

Art changed my perspective of seeing the world. It made me feel calm and steady in-between my stressful thoughts. Playing with color was like painting my own soul on that bland paper. It acted as a therapy for me when I wasn't at my worst and believe me the feeling of being alienated disappeared. Though it's been a while since I haven't laid my hands down on those white sheets, sooner or later, I would love to do that.

Faroza Hayat

Although people really find it hard to understand me but once they do believe me you will love my vibes.

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