The blog discusses the things the intuitive people do differently and how a person can keep in touch with their intuitive side.

There is no universally accepted definition of intuition; it can be understood as a feeling, thought or understanding about a particular situation without knowing why a person feels that way and how the person knows about it. It’s an ability to acquire knowledge and innate preference for a particular behavior without any conscious reasoning and learned response. It’s a gut feeling that will nag you until you do something about it- in-short it’s an ability to directly know about a thing or a situation without the use of rational process or any logical reasoning.

Here are a few things that intuitive people do differently and how you can try the same approach to see if your intuitive side works for you.

Get Rid of Negative Emotions

People should try and let go of all the negative emotions and feelings. Powerful emotions, especially the pessimistic, cynical and negative ones, always cloud a person’s intuitions. People may feel out of sorts when they are distraught and it might be because people are disconnected with their intuitive side. This does not mean that intuitive people never get distraught. However, they mindfully let go of all the negative emotions. A person’s intuitive side will fare better if the person gets rid of emotional negativity completely rather than merely subduing them.

Make Time for Yourself

Solitude is the best preparation for some intuition.  Create some time and space for yourself as a little seclusion not only stimulates creative thinking and novel ideas and but also helps a person to connect to inner wisdom. Intuitive people are often reticent people but it does not matter whether a person is an introvert or not; taking time for solitude can help a person to engross oneself in deeper thoughts and reconnect with oneself.

Pay Attention to Instinct

Intuitive people always listen to what their bodies are trying to say. They pay attention to their feelings and emotions, and pay serious attention to their instinctive feelings. Most people often ignore their gut feelings because they can’t pinpoint what’s wrong.

Listen to the Voice Within

There are few things that stifle intuition such as multi-tasking, connectivity to social media or digital devices, exhaustion and busy lifestyles. Intuitive people always take time out of their busy schedule and enjoy adequate breaks from work. It is often said that people always have an intuitive sense about other human beings in their lives but due to their hectic lives, they do not always acknowledge their intuition.

Why Intuition is Important

Listening to one’s intuition helps a person to get immediate understanding of something. So it is the best way to avoid unhealthy relationships and bad situations. Moreover, trusting one’s intuition is an ultimate act of trusting oneself, instead of letting other people decide what is right and wrong for you.



Muhammad Awais

Muhammad Awais Malik is a Software Engineer. He has done his Bachelors in Software Engineering from UMT.

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