In this blog, the writer is sharing the top ten characteristics that makes his department different from others at UMT

360 degree Transformation

My department focuses on a 360 degree transformation that deals with academic, professional, spiritual and personal growth of students. At IAS apart from academics, the faculty keenly focuses on the spiritual, professional and personal aspects of the learner as well. Majority of teachers at the end of their lecture educate students about the importance of handling life problems, boldly and confidently. 

IAS Infrastructure   

Unlike any other school, IAS holds two major infrastructural facilities, offices at the UMT campus and a magnificent hangar at the Walton Aerodrome Lahore.  WATS hanger is my favorite due to its astonishing location. Standing in a hangar and observing the breathtaking view of the runway, nearby flying clubs and aircraft reduces your stress levels and fills you heart with aviation zeal.

Innovation and Proactive Mindset

CANI (constant and never ending improvement) is one of the primary ideologies of IAS. From my induction till now, the school has come up with a dynamic approach for teaching with consistency. Demonstrations, projects and digital approaches (internet, magazines etc.) are used by instructors and display the proactive mindset of the school that focuses on meeting the future industry demands. 

Events and seminars

IAS organizes a number of events during each semester, apart from regular academic activities. Some of these activities include aviation night, sports week and literary activities. These fun-filled events boost student’s confidence and provide them with a much-needed break from the hectic schedule. 

Fairness and Strictness

IAS maintains high standards of academic fairness and instructors try their best to test students by taking them out of their comfort zone. Faculty does not provide any leniency to students which keeps you on your toes all the time. 

Industry linkages

In the age of evolution and constantly changing business environments, it is significant for educational institutions to bridge the gap between academia and industry. As far as the department of AMET is concerned students are provided with 3 years on-job training. This is the WHY factor behind choosing IAS for bachelors and it has helped me a lot in developing a maintenance engineer attitude.


Research has now become a parameter to evaluate academic activities. Research-based education is imparted at IAS which combines theoretical knowledge with practical training.

Cooperative Faculty

Learning is a two-way process and the relationship between a student and teacher holds significant importance. During my academic journey at UMT, I have always found my teachers quite willing to help students by offering solutions to their problems.

Effective Team and Organization

The most important lesson that I have learnt from IAS is team building, along with becoming an effective team player. IAS staff works together as a unit to initiate departmental progress. Whenever I visit the HOD office, I can see the tasks to be completed at the notice board which shows how tasks are performed at the allocated time. 

People and community

With the start of my fourth year at UMT, I now consider myself as a valuable part of the IAS community. I cherish my friends, peers and teachers. IAS is not just a department, but for me it is my second home.  


IAS has come a long way and has turned its academic dreams and ambitions into reality. I believe IAS will continue to fly at this altitude in the coming times as well.

Abdullah Ashfaq

Abdullah is an avid reader and writer, who enjoys nature and wishes to fly high after graduation.

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