Teachers are the pivot of a civilized society; they mentor the future generations and leave their mark for posterity. That is why the teaching profession is one of the most respected the world over.

A teacher helps others to acquire knowledge, develop competences, inspire optimism, and ignite their innate skills and imaginative capabilities. Teaching is a rewarding profession. It is also a fulfilling profession. It makes a person content in knowing that they are making a substantial difference in shaping the lives of young people, by mentoring and inspiring them to become their finest selves.

Following are some of the best reasons to get into teaching and why teaching is considered such an admirable profession.

Meaningful Contribution to Society

Teachers contribute to a community in a meaningful way; a teacher is a person who does not only inspire the next generation but has the sense of accomplishment and satisfaction that is experienced by few. Arguably, teachers have the biggest influence on a child’s life besides parents. The visible results that teachers see in their pupils not only guarantee a sense of pride for them but have a huge and positive impact on the community and the world at large.

Broadening the Students’ Perspective

The significance of education for human beings can never be underestimated. All civilized societies rely upon knowledge to survive and prosper in this world. A teacher not only contributes to the development of knowledge but also helps the pupils to have an understanding about the economic, social, political and cultural norms of the society they are part of and aspects of the world that they live in.

Inculcating Lifelong Learning

Teachers devote their entire life to education as teaching is a lifelong learning process. Nothing inspires and encourages a person to continue to learn more about a subject than when that person is teaching it. Students are inquisitive beings and most of the times ask questions that put the teachers in a dilemma; this allows a teacher to constantly do research on different topics, new findings and technologies to introduce to the students.

Diverse Career Opportunities

Teaching is a profession which affords security unlike much of the private sector. It not only provides a person with the high level of job security as there is always a demand for trained and qualified teachers, but also provides people with several career opportunities that offer generous financial package. There are career development opportunities for qualified teachers, from being a subject lead to head teacher and an access to further qualifications which ensures that a person does not become stagnant. These opportunities serve a person to ensure that they have a satisfying career.

Transforming Society

Quality education opens doors for economic and social prosperity of any country. The quality of teaching improves the academic success of learners and teachers, who in return have the opportunity to improve the life of every pupil to ensure that they meet their full potential which will transform their lives and support social mobility.

Muhammad Awais

Muhammad Awais Malik is a Software Engineer. He has done his Bachelors in Software Engineering from UMT.

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