The blog discusses the pros and cons of newspaper.

Pros and Cons of Newspapers

Newspaper is a printed publication that is usually distributed daily or weekly, which consists of folded sheets or large paper that contains news, advertisements, features, correspondence, and articles of opinions.

The newspaper has been with us for a very long time, the majority of the people across the globe rely on newspapers for all the news, important stories and information. However, due to technological advancement and the way the technology is taking over the reins of media, newspapers are rapidly obsoleting.

Here we take a look at some of the pros and cons of the newspaper as a source of news.

World News

A newspaper is read by a large number of population all across the globe and is a source of news for almost all the countries in the world. It carries new and important information concerning all the important happenings around all the corners of the world.

Provides General Knowledge Information and Improves Vocabulary

Newspaper is a source of valuable information, general knowledge, and vocabulary, reading it daily and regularly will not only keep you informed but will also help you to improve your language and develop a knowledge database.

Keep you Well-Informed

The newspaper reading keeps you informed about important news, economic situation, trade and commerce, games and sports. Moreover, it enables you to take an active part in discussions and debates relating to the world’s current events. Through newspaper, we are not only able to improve and share our knowledge but can understand what is happening in various industries all over the world.

False News

In certain cases, information published in a newspaper is false, distorted or twisted in such a way that it creates a bad impression of the company or an individual.  

Newspaper cannot be Edited

It cannot be edited nor can it be updated once the newspaper has been printed, this makes it quite rigid in terms of information source.

Low-Quality Printing

Sometimes the newspapers are published with low-quality printed images and texts that are quite difficult to read. The low-quality printing makes it quite difficult to get the proposed information needed by the readers as the news has already been published.

Madiha Salman

Madiha Salman is a journalist, freelancer and content writer for UMT-Office of Communications

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