The blog discusses the impact of major inventions and innovation of the 21st century.

In terms of what history has taught us and through extensive research, it is quite clear that human beings are the most curious, smartest, and intelligent living organisms on the entire planet. For this very reason, human beings are capable of inventing and creating new things.
The 21st century has been an epoch of colossal technological advancement that has enabled us humans to make progression in every field of life which our ancestors could only dream of. The contemporary world that we live in is full of technological and scientific discoveries, creations and inventions by inventors, discoverers and scientists. Evolution in technology is extreme and expeditious in this age and we have come across many extraordinary inventions.
These inventions have not only made our life easy but they have also become an integral part of our life; becoming an integrated part of our daily needs. There have been thousands of scientific breakthroughs that have helped us to improve our lives. Here are some of the spectacular innovations of 21st century.
One of the most impactful innovations of this century in undoubtedly ‘Touch Screen’ - the most widely and heavily used invention of the past decade. Mobiles, tablets, laptops, screens, desktops, printers, etc, all sorts of electronic devices have touch-screens now. This has forced world leading technology providers to rework and remodel their current products design.
Genetic engineering is one of the most amazing, distinguished and greatest achievement of scientists. Scientists are not only able to unlock the information in the genes of the living organisms but at the same time, they are also able to combine the information and made new living beings that are much stronger and better than their parents.
Android and iOS are the two main mobile operating systems that dominate the world at present. These two operating systems have made most of the world’s population dependent on them. The app store comes with all kind of applications; it feels like the entire world is in the palm of one’s hand.
Social media platforms are one of the most successful inventions of this era. It has helped people by engaging them to participate, talk, comment and communicate with other users regardless of their location.
The 21st century has undeniably been the most innovative and modern age with technology advancing at
an extraordinary, astonishing and an exceptional rate. It is rightly said that technological innovations and
breakthroughs have made our lives comfortable and worth living.

Danish Jabbar

Danish has completed his MBA-Human Resource degree from UMT.

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