Getting over food cravings is probably the hardest thing to do for a foodie! Food is life, food is therapy. But of course, you cannot be eating all the time; I mean you can, but you should not be! Think about when you crave your favorite meals the most. I do it somewhere in the middle of my lectures! There’s no wonder that we all zone out of our classrooms and find ourselves indulged in a different scene. And when you successfully zone out of the lecture completely, you suddenly feel hungry! Many of us can be hungry all the time. Frequent hunger pangs are not necessarily related to overeating and weight gain. Some of us may have a fast metabolism as we have different lifestyles. But let’s not forget the fact that imagining the first bite of a cheesy pizza slice finding its way right into your mouth is heavenly!!

Well! You can’t do that during your lecture dear. Food cravings at unusual times are not strange. But something you cannot control and at the same time, you can! Here are a few tips that will surely help you to get out of the bittersweet food cravings during your lectures:

Don’t skip the regular meals:

If you have a morning class, never leave without having a good breakfast. Skipping the morning meal is never considered a healthy habit. When you have a fine breakfast, you feel naturally energized for your tasks ahead in the day. It also excessively helps in curbing out the unwanted cravings during the lecture as when you’d be full, you won’t allow yourself to think about a chocolaty cupcake even! As when a car fuel tank is full, why would you stop at a petrol station? Smart and healthy, right?

Also, try not to skip the regular meals, and do eat something fulfilling before leaving for your class. 

Stay hydrated!

Drinking a good amount of water per day does miracles for your skin and body. Keep a water bottle with you all the time. Maybe when you’re having wild cravings during your Statistics lecture, your body may actually need just water or tea/coffee. Since at times, thirst is misinterpreted for hunger, as per health experts. And even it's not really hunger, and just craving, drinks can still help. You can carry a coffee bottle with you and sip it during the lecture as well.

Focus on the purpose

The main reason you let food cravings disturb you in the middle of the lecture is that you’re not concentrating on it in the first place. If you are really soaked into your lecture, you won’t have a bit of a minute to allow these cravings to distract you. So, focus on your purpose of being there for the lecture. Just relax and concentrate!

Find what’s really disturbing you:

Food cravings during a lecture, and also normally, are not only because you’re hungry or bored. Emotional situations have a lot to do with this case as well. You might find yourself craving terribly for food when you’re sad or depressed. Look into your emotional health and find a solution for the actual issue.  

Get yourself a clean and balanced diet plan to attain a state of fitness. Yeah, you may cheat once in a while but not a lot! Fitness is not a habit, it’s a lifestyle of multiple healthy habits. Food cravings are not always meant to be fulfilled. Have some patience, at least during lectures, for the sake of god! But also, don’t starve yourself.