My destiny has brought me here in this university just like all of you. Not a bad deal! Well, for me, University life has been a pretty new experience. This is for the first time maybe that I have been exposed to such national level diversity in my classroom. Sometimes it fascinates me but most of the time it keeps popping in my head that studying with jokers and clowns in my classroom doesn’t mean that I maybe one of them… Just Kidding. If you truly want to survive this university life, here are few tips that would be helpful for you:

  1. Go with your own way

University life maybe your first ever encounter with holistic studies which are aimed to develop you a better human than ever. I will leave it to your imagination that who is better and who is not since we all live in a materialistic society where we always feel inferior whenever we see Sara showing off her new Khaadi and Hamza with Iphone X in comparison to our unmitigated 3.5+ CGPA’s. These both extremes should not be your concerns anymore. Never lose your originality to prove anyone or to impress anyone. Not because you will fail to do so undoubtedly, but will make your identity weird. You may be subject to gossips, late night talks and jokes. Be who you are! Embrace your backwardness and embrace that you are unique.

  1. Make Trustworthy Friendships

University life gets you a great chance to meet different people on each step. Expand your friendships. Don’t stress out with your studies too much. Go hangout with your buddies, release your frustration about the hectic courses you might have been dealing with, join societies, clubs and explore fun. Better ask yourselves, do you really pay this hefty quarterly UMT fee just to attend monotonous classes? I have met some students who don’t even know where UMT cafeteria is just because they have been soaking themselves so much in studies that they don’t find time for recreation. Enjoy the colors of your life because a wise student of UMT (not me) once said, ‘’ These are the university moments with your friends that you cherish not the CGPA after your graduation.’’ Notwithstanding, bear in mind, this is the university friendship and social network that is going to be with you after your graduation. Come on! Change your perspective and get the best out of your fee deposits that you have been putting in one after the other without knowing its real purpose.

  1. Social Distancing

Beware! Please distance yourself from mind manipulators in your batch. They are the culprits to make you fantasize about things that don’t exist in reality. Beware! Don’t fall in this trap or it will ruin your whole university life. If you have identified these types of students, just distance yourself as if they don’t exist in your life. Better stay alone and give your soul a rest rather getting trapped into the never ending fantasy world. Also strictly adhere to social distancing SOP’s in these COVID times.

  1. Don’t seek undue attention of opposite gender

This should be the main concern of many of you. Don’t try to play smart in this area. If you are an attention seeker with materials to show, then be ready to face the arrows of insult, gossips and jokes. If you really want to seek attention of someone, consult the psychologist, he will help you with this. Be lowkey! UMT is not of this kind. Especially this goes to those who are experiencing coed university culture for the first time and waste unnecessary time and energies to be the smarter one in classroom.

  1. Don’t mess with Teachers

The last but not the least, never ever challenge your teachers. Grow up guys! You’re in university not it kindergarten to fight for petty issues. It’s okay if you get 9.5 out of 10. Don’t fight for decimals, or else you will be mocked by your fellows. It’s okay if your CGPA drops by decimal but don’t drop your dignity. Respect your teacher … If You know You know…

I hope so that this information is relatable to you and may help you if you’re struggling with any of these issues or looking for what you might be facing in your university times and I am sure these key tips will enhance your university survival by at least 4 years somehow. Don’t feel alone, we all have been through this or still stuck somewhere. Rise and give meaning to your university life.

Muhammad Abdullah Muslim

I am highly perceptive and have razor sharp intuition.

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