’Before’ we walked around the house for entertainment. ‘Before’ we opened and closed the fridge door because of boredom. ‘BEFORE’ we slept at 5am and woke up at 3pm. ‘BEFORE’ we were stuck in this endless cycle.



This is Day 26765 of quarantine and I’ve lost track of reality. Did I really just drink my 4th cup of chai or was that a dream I had when I fell asleep? Life feels like a new episode of big boss every day where we fight over nothing. Being quarantined has surely been a new experience for us. But that made me wonder…are we isolated or quarantined? Is there any difference?

Isolation is the complete separation from others of a person suffering from contagious or infectious disease.”

And quarantine is the isolation as protection from the spread of disease. 

So, the difference is that the person who is in quarantine is not actually sick but is staying home to keep themselves and others safe. But what can we do in our housebound days to make them more cheerful and entertaining? Well here are some ideas for you:

  • House Chores:

But that’s what you’ve been doing all along hahaha. Next option.

  • Revive the past: 

We all have stacks of old photographs piled up somewhere at the corner of our house. This is a great opportunity to bring them out, dust them off and revive some old memories. While shuffling through them you might find some photos that you’ll want to share on family WhatsApp groups or on Instagram as throwback photos. You can also gather everyone up and recreate those photos as a part of fun evening family time. These old memories will give everyone the courage and determination to go through this tough time together as one.

  • Family workouts:

If your routine is as messed up as ours, you’ll understand how it feels when the clock strikes 12am and you start craving kuch mazey ka and then you realize that everyone feels the same way and together you decide to make something savory like pakoras, samosas, wings, fillets, kababs, chaats, pasta, cakes, etc. While these might be fun to make and eat but you’ll realize that all these scrumptious snacks are actually fattening and since we do not (and should not) go out during these days, we are just gaining weight while sitting at home. So, this is a great chance to try out some family workout routines on YouTube. These routines will give you a great bonding time and you’ll share lots of laughs during the whole process.

  • Catch up: 

Since we all like making plans and canceling them, consequently we cannot catch up with our friends. This is a great chance to make up for it and get in contact with everyone whether it be by texting or video calling. You should also dial up your grandparents and other family members once in a while, they may not say it but they really appreciate our calls and even wait for one. In this way, we could also get to know how they are doing or if they are going through a hard time and need our help. Do your little bit of good where you can, who knows this good deed might blow up and give you a great surprise sometime.

  • Screen time:  

Watching movies and series is a great way to entertain yourself these days. We are getting a diverse range of genres in different languages. Whether it be Spanish, Korean or Turkish, we have many things to watch. A person just needs to broaden their perspective and open their mind to accept these different cultures and visuals put forward by various countries. The main problem that we face when we sit together to watch something is What should we watch? 

So, after getting tired of this common problem, we devised a solution…That everyone select a movie, write it down on a piece of paper and in the end, the youngest person would pick out one of them and everyone has to agree to watch whatever comes out on it. You could also come out with some solution like ours so that family time doesn’t turn out to be wartime.

  • Games:

Games have long been a source of entertainment for people of all ages whether it be online games, board games or physical games. As a true Pakistani, Ludo is the first thing that comes in our mind, other than that there are so many options to choose from e.g games like Psych, heads up, quick draw (all available on Playstore), etc or try other board games like carom board, scrabble, monopoly. The great thing about these games is that you are able to interact with everyone while playing. Let the games begin!

  • Family Dawat: 

If you notice that things have become too monotonous lately then it’s time to….THROW A PARTY!!

Ask your ami to make her special biryani or karahi, arrange something meetha, bring out some cold drinks and enjoy a family dinner together or you could marinate some chicken and set up a rooftop BBQ. This is our chance to have one as the summer heat has just died down.

  • Book Club:

Books are a man’s best friend, so how could we forget our besties during this time? 

A family book club requires an informative or interesting book and everyone in the same room. Everyone should take turns reading out one page each and then discuss it, keep this up every day until you finish the book. In this way not only will you be able to polish your reading skills but this practice will also broaden your perspective after listening to other’s points of view on a topic.

  • Self-Discovery: 

Do you know yourself well? 

you clear about what you want in life?

What defines you?

What makes you happy?

If you stop to reflect for a second, you may find yourself answering “no” or “don’t know” to most of these questions.  This is the time when you can think about yourself. Do things that make you happy and learn things that you’ve always wanted to learn because with better self-awareness comes renewed self-confidence and strength.

  • Learn a new language:

Download Duolingo or a similar app and teach yourself something new. With increased audience interest in Korean, Turkish and Spanish cinema. This is a great time to catch up.

  • Self-Care: 

Self-care is necessary for both men and women. With face masks or moisturizers, treat yourself to a skincare routine you don’t have time for during a normal workweek. Try out all those desi totkas for soft and clear skin. Give yourself a pedicure and scrub once in a while. Invest in your skin. It’s going to represent you for a very long time.

  • Catch up with studies??

I know we were supposed to talk about fun things but to be honest, aren’t we all behind in our studies nowadays? So why not do little by little every day so that in the end we don’t have to face a burden of our procrastination. In the end, no matter we eat the whole day, sleep the whole day or explore the weird part of YouTube, we are still heroes for staying home and we should keep it this way until things go back to normal.


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