The blog discusses the pros and cons of using social media platforms.

Technology has evolved rapidly in the past few decades and technological advancement has made this
world into a global village. With the passage of time, major technological transformation has certainly
had a major impact on the existence of human beings; it has revolutionized the lives of people both
Technology has created incredible resources and built amazing tools, which have helped people in every
walk of their lives. Social media is one of the biggest innovations of the 21st century which has become
fundamental part of our lives. In the last few years, social media has grown immensely. Social media is a
communication hub that enables us to be connected with each other 24/7 when the traditional forms of
communications are falling apart.
Social media has brought quite a lot of advantages for society. It has changed, transformed and
revolutionized the way people used to send and receive information. Social media has virtually reduced
the world to a global village. The beauty of it is that people can interact with each other from anywhere
in the world in spite of their location. Moreover, people can share their thoughts and views on different
media platforms regardless of their religion and social constraints. In additions to this, social media has
helped in education as well; students and teachers are able to increase their knowledge by studying free
online resources, reading research articles and listening to professionals on different social media
platforms. Furthermore, social media has created awareness regarding different issues and innovated
the way people used to live.
Unfortunately, if social media has advantages and benefits, it has disadvantages and drawbacks too. In
recent years, there has been an increase in cyber bullying and blackmailing. Many children and adults
have become victims of cyber bullying and online blackmailing; since any person can make a fake
account on social media platforms, it has become extremely easy for people to blackmail and bully
anyone they want without fear of getting caught. Many people have suffered due to online invasion of
privacy and hacking, which has not only resulted in emotional distress and infringement on private lives
but financial and economic losses as well.
Each and every thing in the life has pros and cons. However, it is our responsibility as a law abiding and
responsible citizen to be very careful and think twice before sharing personal information or talking to
strangers on social media platforms.

Danish Jabbar

Danish has completed his MBA-Human Resource degree from UMT.

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