The blog discusses the importance of having hobbies for the well-being of the human mind and spirit.

People are stuck in their everyday routines which offer them little or no time for entertainment and fun. Having a day-to-day routine is great because a person can stick to his/her daily schedule and always know what to do and what to expect, which makes regular life rather stress-free and quite easy to sail through. However, sometimes people find their routine overly predictable and very dull; one way to relieve dullness and boredom is by having a hobby which allows them to do stuff that they love and enjoy.

Depending on the personality, every person has some sort of distinct interest, some hobby, to which a person gladly devotes his or her spare time and energy. People do gardening to feel close to nature. Some people collect rare coins or stamps. Some have a passion for heavy bikes. Others go for painting or calligraphy. Incorporating an interest and hobby into one’s life can add excitement, and enthusiasm, and leads to increase in personal satisfaction. Here are a few reason benefits of having a hobby to occupy your leisure hours.

Relieve Stress

Having a hobby is a great way to ease anxiety and relieve stress. It is a purely delightful and pleasurable activity because it allows the person to take his/her mind off from life’s daily demands and from pessimistic emotions. Hobby is a pleasant, healthy, creative and productive distraction from work and other personal problems as well. It keeps the mind fresh and rejuvenated to meet life’s other challenges.

Improve Skills

You might find it surprising to realize that having a hobby can actually help people to improve their work related skills and advance their careers. How can spending time on something outside the work environment help someone to get better at work? Yet having a hobby does in fact help a person to think beyond the ordinary and in a creative manner. It shows the employers that the person has the passion, zeal and the drive to do something with his/her time.

Increase Mental Agility

Suppose you have a passion for pottery; it doesn’t come easy. Patience and creativity go hand in hand with loads of practice to produce something a work of art. Some people like to meditate or do yoga to improve their mental abilities. Sometimes, all that we need is the connectivity of the mind with the body to produce better results. Hobbies help you to make that connection.  

Give Personal Space

A hobby encourages the person to take much needed break from stressful and demanding life. Hobbies give a person a sense of purpose and make him\her feel creative and productive, no matter what a person is doing. Indulging in a hobby is also a means to make way for me-time; the time when you are doing something only for yourself. So whether you like to ride a bike by yourself, or do some sketching, it’s your time, your space and your mental peace.

Spending time on doing an activity of your interest that is not associated with a person’s job and other commitments will not only help in increasing the person’s happiness and satisfaction but will also allow a person to spend time on doing things that ultimately lead to personal development and better social ties.



Mansoor Bilal

Mansoor Bilal is working as an animator in UMT Social Media.

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