The blog discusses about the hard and soft skills of an individual.

Skill is an ability, and the capacity to carry out difficult tasks and complex activities with the determined results.

Skills are usually classified into two main types, one is soft skills and other is hard skills. Soft skills are personal attributes and abilities to get done with a job. Soft skills include communication skills, listening skills, social skills, personality or character traits, career attributes, social intelligence and emotional intelligence. On the other hand, hard skills are generally technical skills which a person normally earns through experience, education, training programs, certifications and on the job training.

The Difference between Hard Skills and Soft Skills

Hard skills are educable abilities or skill sets which are easy to enumerate. Typically, they are taught at schools, through books or earned through certification programs or other training materials. Examples of hard skills include planning skills, proficiency in a foreign language, computer programming and typing speed. These hard skills are listed in the person's cover letter and on a resume because of this it makes it quite easy for an employer to recognize them.

Soft skills, in contrast, are subjective skills that are much tougher to enumerate. These are also known as interpersonal skills, some of the examples of soft skills include are communication, leadership, flexibility, problem-solving ability and teamwork.

Candidates should Highlight both their Hard and Soft Skills

Candidates should always highlight their hard and soft skills during their job application procedure. Moreover, you should always highlight your skills in the cover letter and on the resume to make sure that the potential employers are aware of your skills. Also, you should always mention your skills during a job interview.

To make sure that employers know about your skills, highlight them on your cover letter and resume. They want a candidate who has expertise in a certain hard skill needed for the position in addition to this, they also need a candidate who has soft skills such as communication and interpersonal skills because if the candidates are unable to work well with others then no matter how talented the candidate is there will always be problems for them in the future.