The blog highlights the fun-filled participation of two friends at UMT Book Fair 2019.

This winter, as I settled into the rather challenging academic at UMT, I got an amazing opportunity to explore the Book Fair 2019, which is an annual feature of here and is organized to promote book reaching culture. I am not much of a book worm but hearing about the variety of books at discounts coupled with the chance to enjoy the food corner were a welcome reprieve from hard core chemistry formulas. Before the event actually started, there were huge banners across campus about big discounts and great books

Few days before the inaugural, I started pushing my friend Saba to accompany me to the book fair but she was reluctant, as her world mostly revolved around eating and sleeping. However, the food factor helped make up her mind. On the inaugural day, I dragged my friend out of cafeteria to check out some great books. As we approached the Book Fair venue, we saw large number of students, faculty and families gathered near the inaugural point

Saba became excited to see UMT TV crew and in her eagerness tried to wave back thrice at the camera, where the reporter was reporting the Book Fair story. An angry glance from the reporter made her stop for the fourth time, but this did not dampen her spirit and like others we waited for the chief guest impatiently. Finally, the chief guest came, spoke few appreciative words and took a tour of the book stalls. We waited for the storm of guests to pass and made our way to the first stall. The stall presented variety of books on Computer, Science, Physics and Life Science at reasonable prices, which I wanted to buy for reference but Saba didn’t let me. According to her, “the University Library was enough to give us academic indigestion.”

Then we moved to another stall, which catered to English Literature books and modern fiction of all kinds. I was overjoyed to find paperback version of Paradise by Judith McNaught. The novel was on my ‘things to buy list’ for ages, but I couldn’t due to my academic commitments. After I paid the amount, Saba pointed out towards a beautifully cultural themed rickshaw, which offered an ‘on campus ride’ for all. I didn’t want to but Saba insisted to take it. The moment rickshaw started, our mobile camera clicked and we made crazy selfie poses, which were instantly posted on Facebook.

The 10 minutes adventure ended too quickly and our hunger pangs took us to food stalls. Saba wanted to eat everything from colorful paans, to hot purris and sizzling barbecue in one go. Nonetheless, we settled on halwa puri and channa, something which wasn’t available in cafeteria and we rarely got a chance to eat it in our hostel, too. This mouth watering experience in cold winters was a definite treat.  ”A feast for us after tiring studies the whole night,” Saba commented. I wanted to explore book stalls further, but once again stopped by juicy sight of tasty paans, decorated in silver row.

I pulled Saba out of food area with great difficulty and took her to another book stall, which offered books, comics, accessories and stationery for children. We got some coloring books for our nieces and bubble bottle assortment for ourselves that told stories of our happy-go literary rid, as we boarded the bus, back to UMT Hostel.


Insha Rafique

Insha Rafique is a Software Engineer. She has done her Bachelors in Software Engineering from UMT.

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