In this blog, the writer is sharing her university experience and how it changed her completely.

I spent my entire school and college life hearing that university is like a dream place for students as there are no rules, no strictness and only freedom so my inexperienced and naive mind was eager to finish her college and get admission into a university. Fast forward to October 17, 2019, my young and aspiring self-got enrolled into University of management and technology. From talking to only one or two people a day, I suddenly found myself surrounded by many which I really enjoyed. There were people from so many backgrounds, religions, caste and I found myself quite interested in knowing more about them which made me realize that I have a power to connect with people, to know and cherish their stories, their lives, their fears and their struggles. As you all know, these days we are over-indulged in ourselves. We don’t connect with people unless we like them or want to be friends with them. It’s a fact and my university mates really cannot deny it. 

Back when I was in college, things were always difficult for me in terms of learning because it used to be a do or die situation. In order to survive I had to follow rules, but mind you I was a good student. However, things turned against me when I joined UMT. Way too much freedom messed up my grades initially because punishment cravers do not understand talks. However, this extreme leniency on the part of my teachers made me more responsible in the coming times, as now I submit my assignments a day before their submission date. 

Moving forward, the most important thing that I have learnt about myself is that I am not good at politics. Well, you cannot blame anyone for this! It’s a natural human trait to compete and in an environment which is surrounded by young and hot blooded people, it is evident to happen.

I have always faced difficulty in making friends. I was of the view that people can never be loyal and hence the best way out to survive was to stay away from opening your heart and mind to irrelevant people. I am very social and friendly, but some of my past experiences have made me a little more cautious. When I joined UMT, luckily I made some of the most genuine and loving friends. For the first time, I felt that genuine caring friends are a blessing by Almighty. 

Through every argument, heartbreak, dismal grade and bad experience, you can still take out the best. Remember these unforgettable moments constitute your university life. Also, you need to respect yourself first, if you want others to respect you. Learn to value the opinions of people around you. Time passes way too quickly and hence it is important to enjoy your university life because whatever you learn here, would stay with you for the rest of your life.

Abeer Riaz

Abeer is a literature student and is an avid reader as well.

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