In this blog, the writer is sharing glimpses of her educational experience at UMT

UMT, a prestigious university with its ever-vibrant lawns and gleaming buildings offers a sublime atmosphere of learning, discourse, social interaction and security infrastructure. A set of lucid rules and regulations are well-articulated to ensure that the participants continue to dive, swim and surf smoothly in the ocean of knowledge. After all, our distinguished Dean sahib keeps on telling us repeatedly that ‘Knowledge is Power.’ Undoubtedly, the University of Management and Technology has adequate power and water supply. I have never noticed a power shortage for the cooling systems or water issue in the toilets. However, the same cannot be stated for the internet facility. So rule number one for survival is to keep your own wireless internet device or enable mobile data on your phones. Having said so, smartphones are a must-have gadget. They enable you to record lectures, take snapshots of the presentation and on top of all you can check the time from your mobile phone as well. Most of my department’s wall clocks were out of order and it is recommended that you wear a wrist watch to keep track of the time. The students are unable to track the natural solar angle, the shadows or the natural light density due to the blinded windows and over-reliance on electrical lighting. Also you will need to constantly take ‘selfies’ with batch mates and record statements of the accounts and administration staff. These two are adept at retracting their statements and announcements. (I have been a victim of this baffling retraction). 

Secondly, you need to avoid doing group work assignments or projects at the university.  Always work from home or cafes. You are not allowed to sit in the corridors and the classrooms are always locked unless there is a scheduled class. There is another solution: the symposium café! It’s a very good alternative but you might put on a considerable amount of weight, along with losing a significant amount of cash on their scrumptious food.

The third survival tip is to increase your patience threshold. This will allow you to deal with the university cafeteria that is always full to its capacity. Wear headphones and focus on your mobile screen, instead of absorbing the commotion and staring the black painted walls around. Do not complain. You can always keep your cool. A similar ruckus will greet you at the Information Processing Centre, commonly known as IPC with its rows of computer screens and an array of revolving chairs against them. So the rule number four pertains to the Information Processing Centre: always keep a scented handkerchief in your bag. You might need a small fan on your head for constant supply of fresh air (like the fancy golfer uncles who continue to tee-off in the hot days). And if you think that this computer laboratory is a fish market, think again. Visit the ladies common room. It is a zoo. And why it wouldn’t be so, after all it is their territory. Learn to adapt and you can always speak louder if you want to be heard. 

The last and most important tip is to be patient. Abstain from complaining or being offensive. Keep the sails as per the tides and enjoy your cruise in this ocean of knowledge. Believe me, this enlightening journey of wisdom and erudition is worth it.

Faiza Haroon

Faiza is an aspiring architect, who holds a unique and positive perspective on things around her.

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