In this blog the writer is sharing some viable tricks to survive the challenging university life.

It's been 2 years and I am spontaneously embellishing my personality with the educational dose offered at UMT. These four semesters manifest profound startling alterations in my personality and I imagine what kind of a personality I would be on my farewell. I wish my college and school fellows would recognize this newer version of me. 

UMT, a land of adventures, engenders its followers to experience trendy educational wisdoms and exposes us to a new world. The world unveiled after embracing UMT helps us to learn successful cunning stratagems for survival. Being a part of this professional institute or you may call it my second home as well, I encountered a myriad of issues at the beginning. But soon after adjusting in the new milieu, I got surprising rewards. Let me share some of my secret tactics that I followed to survive my university life. 

  • Draft a time table!

Beep! Beep! “Wake up! It's 8:30 and I am continuously beeping for two hours”, my alarm clock greeting me every morning but wait, what? 8:30? It means I am 30 minutes late. As usual, I missed another mandatory class. During the early days of my university life, I used to get pretty upset with the tag “NO ENTRY FOR LATE COMERS.” At times, I had no option but to return home. Boom! Short listed from my 2 major courses. 

One day I sat back on my sofa and discovered a fruitful tactic to overcome this enigma. I took a page and drafted my routine. Wow! Problem solved. 

  • Accelerate your vocals!

I bet, if you won’t use your vocals you’ll lose your voice. Sounds nice? Obviously “like me” you all want to be admired for the real you. Like ancient Pashas, we all wish to rule the world of ideas.  Our nerves are dying to propel our radiating theories to hit the world.  So, stand up and speak. Let the world experience your bewitching excellence and let yourself relish the world. 

  • Don’t judge!

You’ll be getting along with a number of people around you. Your seniors, juniors and mates all are swinging around you. But you choose the one who is good at studies. Fantastic! But the sad part is you will regret your decision in the coming times. You need to make friends regardless of their intellectual capabilities. Life changes unbelievably! So don’t judge a book by its cover and make the best of friends. Good luck! 

  • Control the flow of your pocket money!

Money flows like water. No matter you are receiving thousands or hundreds you will be left empty-handed within a week. Stationeries, books, printing and luxurious lunches with an extension of long night-outs, extract money like a magnet attracts metal. Literally, at the end of the month the requirement of money urges us to take a bowl and ask money from person to person. Pathetic! May God have mercy on us and our pocket money please.

  • Never mess with your teachers!

Your behavior decides your grade. Not always but usually. Never mess with your teachers. Respect them and follow their advice. Love and spread love. Your image can win you good grades and countless other rewards as well.

Shaheera Samim

Shaheera believes humor has the power to connect you with your readers and is a quality that sets apart a writ

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