In this blog, the writer through her spontaneous wit is advising fresher’s to prepare themselves for the overwhelming university life.

Fresher? Don’t worry I got your back here. University life I can say is a life-changing moment. I went through a lot in my first year; a lot means a hell of a lot. In the first semester I was charged a fine of 10,000 for breaking a university rule I had no idea existed. I did my cousin’s entry on my ID card fearlessly and the security guard took away my student ID card and the next day I was charged with a fine. So, yes rules are very important to survive university life. A tip, kindly go through the university student handbook before joining the university. If you follow the rules, you hit the nail on the head Pal.


Another thing that gave me anxiety while studying at my university was the fear of not knowing things that my seniors or classmates knew about. In class, I came up with answers that later I felt ashamed of and Oh! Let’s not forget the introductory part. I was blank when my teacher asked me to introduce myself and I was failing to keep up with the pace of my peers (problems faced by an introvert). The shy feeling that we get while asking a question or answering is pretty normal. We all are here to learn from one another. So hang in there, you will get through it.


You often notice that students are highly obsessed with scoring good marks and grades. Don’t worry you will be obsessed with this number game as well. This is downright confusing! But later you will realize that this number game is pointless and the knowledge that you derive is of utmost importance. People will judge you by your marks, however the knowledge that you will acquire will allow you to stand out. Having a degree without knowledge is as useless as a wooden frying pan. So long story short, stay focused and don’t panic for getting a zero.


During my early university days, I had no friends, as I hail from a completely different country. I used to feel lonely and at times overwhelmed and hence used to go an extra mile to make new friends. Every time I tried to introduce myself to someone, they already had an entire squad of friends who knew each other and had various histories with each other therefore I ended up feeling like I’ve missed the boat. My family and other people kept on asking if I have made friends or if I get along with my peers or not. The answer was always NO!! The place I tried to get fit in, never lasted. Don’t make friends to try new activities, just go and do it yourself. Let the chips fall where they may, you’ll find friends waiting for you without realizing it.


During the initial phases, I used to come to university to take classes and left the premises as soon as I was done with my classes. For me, the university was just a place to study at and for months I considered it a mere burden. Have you heard the quote? “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”  Yes! That's what happened to me, but later I decided to step up my game and joined different clubs and societies in the university. It is fascinating and enjoyable. So my advice to you is, don’t concentrate on your studies alone. Some recreational activities are a must. Life is uncertain, it’s important to find a balance and make memories. By doing so, you will ultimately make new friends and learn things other than your field.

Mahum Muhammad Akbar

Mahum hails from Bahrain and is studying linguistics and communication at UMT.

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