In this blog, the writer is sharing the top five hacks that can help you survive your university life like a pro.

University life is either glorified by our elders, who were students two decades ago, or the whole concept university life is utterly defamed. My teachers explained “uni life” as something that would make sure you notice every second pass by the first two years, and as soon as you start to fit in and get the hang of it, it’ll rush through the remaining two years as fast as it can. However, my parents preached to me, “study well and get to the top” phrase. Despite the fact that it is my first semester, I have definitely collected a couple of tips to help me survive university life, either from my seniors or on my own accord. 

What you get is not what you expect!

Always know that whatever it is that you expect is barely ever what you are destined to get. From grades to flaming hot Cheetos chips, life is unpredictable. Either your teacher decides that they don’t like you anymore because you disrespected them in one class and ends up giving you a D, because believe me, there are people who end up getting A+s just because they obey the commands of their teacher. Be nice to your teachers, make them happy and you will have your grade. If not that, God decides your fate so be ready for absolutely anything and everything!

Focus on your friend circle!

One thing that I have definitely noticed is how most people are not confident or willing enough to be the center of attention, when they enter university life. In this way, they try to force themselves into groups that don’t quite suit them and end up getting used for assignments or they end up ruining their reputation. So, do think about the people that you wish to accompany, since university is a place with unfiltered crowd and you will find A LOT of bizarre people, whether it’s the guy with long golden hair or the fat dude who thinks he knows a lot about feminism, when he is just as ignorant as any other. Be patient and your crowd will find you.

Question yourself and analyse situations 

You will be put into multiple situations and it all comes down on you. As a girl, I would suggest you avoid intimidating men. If your gut feeling says that you should stay away from them, then stay away from them end of the story.

Avoid double-faced people!!

One tip that the majority of my seniors have given me is to stay away from two-faced people, or in slang language, “snakes”. Luckily for me, I have not encountered any such people, but I’m sure there is definitely someone, waiting to shed their scales once the university will reopen. Many times, these people will try to use you for their own benefit and would want to get their work done through you. Analyze and judge people so you can see through the ones who genuinely need help and differentiate them from the ones who will use you and then be off with it.

Don’t give out your number to strangers

If you meet a stranger that looks nice, please don’t give your number out to them, even if you are panicking due to their presence. Because after sometime, you may tend to find them scary and that is when you’ll want to get rid of them.

Mahnoor Zubair

Mahnoor believes communication is all about saying the right thing, at the right time.

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