UMT student shares fond memories of academic struggles and lifelong friendships.

Coming to UMT gave me a sense of new beginning and a freedom to look around and make choices about life in general and above all to make friends from diverse backgrounds. However, I was never free from study pressures, as the fast pace of the semester kept me on track.

Somehow from the very beginning, my selection of friends was bent towards those students who were more serious but somewhat confused towards their goals. This too happened at UMT when I met Sidra on the day of orientation. Both of us lost our way to the School of Systems and Technology (SST) where we were enrolled for MS in Computer Sciences (CS).

Finally, we reached the Seminar Hall, where the welcome speech of Rector UMT had already started. The hall was decorated with balloons and welcome banners. We were introduced to the faculty. The freedom to enjoy the fresh air, the familiarity of the hallways and classrooms, the discussions on what to deliver on special occasions - all this was part of the life at UMT. Our so called handbags became our university bags, as they were filled with tissues, printouts, files and calculators. Carrying laptop from one place to another was a hectic effort but we had to keep it, keeping in view the demand of our subject. I guess the only thing which was perfectly neat an updated at that time was our laptops. The day of presentation used to be our cleanest day in every aspect, as we looked best, behaved best and made the best impressions. I remember during one of our important presentations, Aliya, another friend of ours forgot her laptop in the hostel and we all panicked, as it contained graphic presentation which was designed in Director, Flash and various animation programs. When our turn came, we requested the faculty to shift our presentation in the end, they didn’t agree. We literally begged them and they agreed reluctantly, knowing our previous record and dedication. However, we lost 10 marks because of the delay.

Another interesting happening at the Campus was the time when we went for Lahori Nashta and Adbhi Bathik, a gathering of literary people at Warda’s request. Being a poetess herself, she was always attracted to such gatherings and enjoyed holding discussions with intellectuals whereas we focused our minds on food and catching up on sleep during our free hours.

Among the list of male students, Muhammad and Furqan became our friends, their immense support in mathematical calculations was something we highly appreciated. They used to do our assignments with a promise of more treats from our side. Later, we took tutorial lessons from them which we cleared with ‘not so good grades.’ As I look back, there is so much to share and celebrate about our times at UMT which just went too quickly. I hope all the friendships will remain after we become proud UMT graduates.

Madiha Salman

Madiha Salman is a journalist, freelancer and content writer for UMT-Office of Communications

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