The blog discusses the causes of the destruction of ecosystem.


Ecosystem consists of plants, animals, marine life and all the living organism as well as the environmental conditions. Ecosystem is extremely diverse and is classified into two categories which are abiotic and biotic constituents. Abiotic constituents includes all the non-living elements such as soil, water, sunlight, minerals, etc., while biotic constituents consists all of the living organisms.

Our planet earth is made up of millions of distinct ecosystems, from tiny ponds to large Antarctic Polar desert. Ecosystem is extremely important as all the animals, plants and other living organisms rely on it to provide them with food and habitat. Unfortunately, countless human activities threaten to disrupt the ecosystem as human beings have encroached upon nearly every natural habitat on the earth and there has been a threat of drastic climate changes worldwide.

Few causes of ecosystem’s destruction are:

  • Pollution is one of the most important and main causes of the destruction of ecosystem. As, it can reduces the natural resources and drive away the local animal populations
  • Climate change plays an important role in the destruction of world’s ecosystem. Due to the drastic climate change and global warming, there has been an increase in temperatures, ocean acidity, sea levels, etc., all of this has led to the disruption of ecosystem delicate natural balance
  • Animals are one of the most important part of any ecosystem as they are vital source of food and population control but unfortunately the population of many animals are declining due to excessive hunting and overfishing
  • Many ecosystems around the world are rich in natural and mineral resources such as trees, fossil fuels, water, etc., but due to the excessive efforts to extract these natural resources through drilling, mining and logging contributes in the destruction
  • Human population is increasing day by day so does the need for more developed land, due to this many natural habitats and ecosystems are destroyed in order to clear more land for the developments of towns, agricultural lands and for raising the livestock.

Ecosystem is extremely important for the survival of plants, animals as well as human beings. Natural ecosystems are in need of protection and they should be managed in an extremely responsible way so we can preserve their utility, heritage and evolution.