This blog discusses impacts of excessive use of mobile phones on society and how this is increasing isolation among families. It highlights the present and emerging social issues due to addiction to mobile phones.

Inventions play an important role in the development of society but some inventions also lead to destruction. However, all this depends on their use. Mobile phones were a great innovation of the last century; they revolutionized communication and suddenly, distance was not a problem in communication. This innovation led to huge changes in social lives and also brought about many negative aspects. As smart phones and android systems became common, the social fabric rapidly changed in Pakistani society.


Cell Phones and the Youth

The younger generation has been most affected by this change. It altered their attitude towards life and exposure to free flow of information created an interaction gap between parents and children.  They became addicted to their mobile phones and social networks.


Cellular companies offer many packages for calls, messages and internet. These packages reduce the cost of calls, messages and internet but in reality, they increase the financial costs of families. Companies make a profit when consumers make excessive use of mobiles. It would not be wrong to say that they have become a drug for society. Today, most people cannot live without using mobile phones; at any place or in any situation, they just continuously check mobile phone notifications.


Gaming Trends

Cell phone games have attracted both younger and older users. These games have invited physical ailments including muscular and cervical disorders. Gone are the days of physical activity. Today, children mostly spend precious time locked up in rooms.


Sometimes one wonders whether Aristotle was right when he said that ‘Man is a social animal.’ If man creates a wall between society and his own self, he takes away the crux of being human. People have lost sense of responsibility as a result of being glued to their cell phone screens.


Social Consequences

Another consequence of mobile phone usage is the increasing interaction between boys and girls. It seems to present the safest avenues for shallow friendships. Our youngsters spend precious time on calls ranging from just a couple of hours to almost unlimited time. Moral values are the first casualty of such uninhibited interaction.


What the Future Holds

The sad reality is that future generations will also want to live in isolation. They will be more at home in their virtual realities; gaming, networking and chatting with strangers they are proud to call friends. Unless we do something now, the future is indeed bleak.


The first step is to educate parents, children and the younger generation. Academic institutions should start awareness programs on using cell phones safely and in moderation. Parents should restrict excessive use of mobile phones in homes. Cellular companies can introduce packages according to the needs of students and businesses. Parents should encourage outdoor and co-curricular activities, and set strict time limits on mobile phone usage. It is up to us to prevent cell phones from causing further damage.

Ahmad Osama

Fields of my interest are administrative studies, public policy area, history and social issues of society

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