The blog highlights the spirit of colorful festivity manifested through theJashn-e-Baharan Festival held in Lahore.

“I remember when I was a child, the spring festival was the most important festival of the year. It
was held at Race Course (Jillani) in Lahore and attracted people from all strata of society. My
family and I always used to look forward to this festival, because it offered a great time to enjoy
sumptuous dishes, new clothes, fountain shows, fast rides and lucky draws.”

Even now when I have grown up and have kids of my own, the festival never ceases to amaze me. The beauty of the event is the season which offers many opportunities to go out and have great time with friends and families. It is a perfect time to feel the ‘coolness’ and ‘vibrancy’ of the season in spirit. I make sure that my children after coming from school, spend at least two hours of the day outside, where they can feel the warmth of the sun and cool breeze at the same time. The spring festival is a ‘happy occasion’ to hang out with all those who complain of giving little time to their families.

Every year, my family and I attend the famous Jashn e Baharan Festival held at Jillani Park, in Lahore. It is a wonderful place for long walk and the park is well kept. At one side of the entrance you will find a small sanctuary which is loved by children. The major attraction of the festival is a beautiful exhibition of flowers, which brings joy to the heart and is a treat for the eye. The exhibition can be seen during day time only whereas the weekends are usually crowded during the festivity season. An enthusiastic display of fountains at night is another major attraction of the season.  

During the spring festival, we get to witness little glimpses of Punjabi culture through delicious food served in dhaba style setting, especially Makkai Roti and Sarso ka Saagh which are worth tasting once in a while. Here you will find decorative handicraft items, Chinese and continental food stalls, toy booths and fun rides which are crowded by children, food lovers and shopaholics. With the best of fun, musical entertainment and food, the experience in spring festival lets the enthusiasts immerse in the local culture and vibe.

Before this festivity, the Jilani Park held a three-day food festival, the Lahore Eat which celebrated the full diversity of food that Lahore has to offer from the highly creative and talented chefs to the street vendors.

There are many public and private institutions which are celebrating the festivity of spring. For instance, University of Management and Technology, popularly known as UMT also celebrated a Spring Week with its community. It was an interesting experience to see students garbed in beautiful dresses according to certain themes, as they walked around the green campus which was decorated with colorful hangings and decorations. For instance they wore red color in March 4, which symbolized excitement, attention and strength. Similarly, they wore orange and yellow dresses on March 5 and March 6 which signified happiness, creativity, competency and freedom.

No matter wherever you are and whatever you do, spring festival is one of a kind event which brings moments of joy, fun, excitement and peace to tiring souls who have forgotten to appreciate life in its true colors and long to be with their near and dear ones.

Madiha Salman

Madiha Salman is a journalist, freelancer and content writer for UMT-Office of Communications

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