The blog discusses student’s passion for kick boxing and academic struggles as an engineering student.

Finally, the date sheet of 2nd term engineering examination was announced and I panicked as preparation was something I hadn’t considered in a long time. What to do and where to go, I had no clue! It wasn’t that I am a bad student but somehow my passion for kickboxing overcame my commitment to study engineering in this term.  

Coming from a family of engineers, the subject always carried friendly vibes and I was able to maintain a proper balance between my studies and sports in the first term of mechanical engineering. However, in the second term, things changed as I became too focused on winning Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fight at the national level.  

Throughout the term, my friend Ali and Ahmed gave me constant reminders not to miss important lectures or to skip attendance, to which I paid little heed, or came up with logic to maintaining a good academic record. If I took classes, I went with a heavy heart, even group projects became a headache. Also, counseling hours spent with faculty members and student advisors didn’t carry much weight.

On the other hand, my couch Nasir Khan at Fighting Club prepared me for the national championship and constantly pushed me to eat a typical MMA menu consisting of meat, eggs and vegetables and sweet potatoes etc. “Forget engineering, focus on fighting,” commented the coach every day.  The championship was around the corner and a way forward to the international arena.  

Gradually the competition became an obsession and I forgot everything. However, the panic attacks began when the day of the examination approached. During the preparation days, I didn’t receive much help from anyone; the so-called intellectuals of my class refused to cooperate in providing us with notes, even the faculty wasn’t available. Those who did help; had the worst handwriting and their tutorial methodologies were beyond my understanding. The exam mania was something I had never experienced earlier. An unprepared mind with nothing to write on paper was a painful reminder of why I wasted my credit hours and didn’t attend lectures. The regret continued till the last day.   

The feeling was short-lived, once I resumed my final training. My couch was angry for missing the one-week training session but relaxed when I showed the zeal and desired techniques to win the championship. On the day of the national championship, when I reached the stadium, there was a great hue and cry and I felt great to represent the Punjab province. The trophy was gloriously displayed in the center and every player was watching it with a winning streak. At that moment, I knew this was my key to ultimate happiness and way forward to MMA international front. With great effort, I was able to win a challenging fight of three rounds. Soon, I was a sports celebrity as the media showcased my victory extensively. Yet, the welcome I received at home was worth remembering; it seemed that the news of my failure in exams went before I became a celebrity, which resulted in severe financial consequences and immediate cancellation of the MMA training offer from Denmark; dare I prefer athletics over-engineering again.

Danish Jabbar

Danish has completed his MBA-Human Resource degree from UMT.

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