Bellaaaaa … This is normally the first word out of my mouth when I wake up, wait do you think he is the first one I want to see when I wake up? No, there is no such thing. The reason I call out his name is that he is responsible for waking me up almost every morning by either jumping on my back or nibbling on my toes with his pointed teeth so I may wake up and feed him. So mostly his and my day starts together.

Bella is a Persian single coat male cat, who has been with us for almost 4 years now. He came to stay with us for a fortnight and eventually my room became his fortress and he is gracious to allow me to coin a habit with him. He is a significant part of my family and is very dear to everyone at home. I am not the only one whose day starts with his mischief, he makes sure he is the first one to greet my father when comes back from the mosque after saying his Fajr prayer, he would rub on my fathers’ shoes and purr around him and follow him around everywhere. 

During the pandemic his daily routine has evolved and he now enjoys the attention of all 5 of us all day long. As the day progresses, he likes to make sure that along his long naps and window times he is pet by everyone and is fed on time and gets extra treats for being so adorable and not setting the house on fire. 

Cats like to be cuddled and played with and treated like monarchs, Bella is no different. During the day he is often seen being petted by my Dad, my sisters and believe me I have seen my mom conversing with him and him giving her an answer through a look or a nod. 

The other day my elder sister skipped me and asked me where Bella was and I called his name a dozen times but he wouldn’t respond. We all got worried and looked for him everywhere. He was nowhere to be found, after searching for almost half an hour with my sister calling his name from the speaker of my phone all the way from Charlotte North Carolina, I saw Bella stretching his legs and walking from behind the window curtain with a smirk on his face reminding me that it was payback for not feeding him on time that morning. 

I never thought I would turn into a Cat person but there is something about this mischievous cat that grew on me, now it is hard to say that if he is a part of my day or I am part of his.

Muhammad Ali Cheema

I am a combo of good listener and a talkative person. I love travelling as much as I love food.

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