The blog discusses the importance of knowing the basics before opting for a media degree.

Every would-be media student has predetermined ideas related to the fashion this industry works and the prospects it offers to young media graduates. Without doubt, media sounds cool, after all– you get chances of working with celebrities, writing features, getting involved with the camera either as an actor or host and getting know-how about broadcasting and publishing. However, every field has its ups and downs that you get to understand through run-of-the-mill experiences that you encounter either as a student or a professional. Therefore, keep the following things in mind before going for a media degree:

You can’t do anything with this degree, as it’s too general in nature

Certainly not! Mass Communication is a professional degree and offers an array of career choices in print media, electronic media, advertising, PR and now the new media or the social media. Just to add, being a media student means that you can work in almost any organization in the world without a problem. Now that’s a good bargain for sure.

Theoretical knowledge is not implied in the practical field

Relax and understand this!  All those models and theories that we cram in our classes have no practical implementation in the field. Agenda setting model, cultivation theory, framing theory and diffusion of innovations theory are only feasible in classroom setting. Get ready for some real life experiences, completely different from what your teachers will be teaching you in classrooms.

Media studies is relatively easier than other technical majors

Yes, I agree with this one! Media studies are relatively simple and easier than other technical subjects. It does not require a lot of studying and cramming, providing you ample time to party and have fun. However, handling group work, projects and assignments of numerous subjects at the same time can be a pretty difficult job altogether. Also, things get worse when you step in practical life. The amount of competition that you potentially face here requires you to really up your game. You have to be more creative, energetic, determined and flexible. Work, work and work is the only option that you have.

 More group projects, less tests and assignments

Yes, you heard me right! You will get a chance to work on different creative projects and group assignments. Tests and written assignments will have a lesser share in your overall course work. However, get ready for some drama and action, as you will have limitless argumentation's and confrontations with your group members. Buckle up your socks and brace the art of tolerance and patience.

You need to have connections to get your dream job

Connections are important. Media is an extremely competent field and demands creative skills and talents, if you really wish to excel. Unfortunately, majority of students face difficulties as well as failures in getting their dream jobs because they have no connections in this industry, ending up distressed and frustrated. Remember, if you are hardworking and talented, you will eventually get your dream job. But you have to be determined and patient, as this can be a time taking deal.

Khadijha Tariq

Khadijha Tariq has a masters in mass communication and currently is a content editor for Academia magazine.

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