In this blog, the writer is sharing why she is content being at UMT and what makes this place special for her.

1- The cause of education above all

Honestly, here at UMT, they prefer education over everything, and when I say everything, it means everything! Everybody works so hard in their own domains and all their hard work shows. Not only teachers, from janitors to guards, from the owner of the bookshop to the owner of the TUC shop, from accounts office to radio station, every individual that works at UMT, works whole-heartedly.


Teachers in UMT are dedicated, upfront, and are in love with their work. From assignments to quizzes, from counseling hours to unending question sessions at the end of class, they are always available for their students, helping them, cultivating them into professionals who have the audacity to stand in the world, and to alter the world.

3- Opportunities

While studying in UMT, we do not only receive magnificent professional knowledge, but also the opportunity to interact with the outer world, I have witnessed, whether it's the career fair, job notifications through emails or interactive seminars, UMT provides us a lot of opportunities.

4-Student Exchange Program

One of the most exquisite features of UMT is that it provides young professionals an opportunity to channel their interests by sending them abroad to explore themselves, on merit. Foreign students visit UMT, and students living here are also provided with prospects to visit other international universities

5-The Limitations

It might sound weird to some, that I actually enjoy the limitations imposed by UMT. Yes! Because that is what makes UMT disparate from other universities. Whether it's the 'appropriate distance between genders', 'feasible dress-code', or 'no concert scheme'. Every restriction is for the betterment of the students, as it gets them closer to their religion. Kudos!

6-UMT Greens

Who does not love UMT greens? We all do. This lush ground soothes our eyes and calms our mind. After a long hectic day, sitting here and relaxing with your friends is one of the best feelings in the world. 


Whether it's the scorching sun blazing outside or the chilly winter vibes, we always have our savior, don't we? Yes we have our very own library. The books are perfectly aligned in racks, while students explore their subjects or other areas of interest. The librarians working assiduously, scolding us for our notorious moves, but we all know, they do it to maintain the harmonious library life. 


While struggling with our descending pocket money, we usually eat at the regular cafe to save ourselves from getting in debt. At our friend's birthday, we drag them by shoulder to give us a treat at 'Symposium', because we love fancy meals! Last but not the least, when it’s raining our very own 'Juice Corner' is the best place to be at to relish some tasty fries and pakoras. 

9-My Department (BSEE)

Not to brag, but SEN is magically, more precisely my department (Electrical Engineering). And I am definitely not biased because I have seen my teachers working diligently, being in high spirits, trying to pour every ounce of knowledge in their student's brain. And I have seen students working on numerous projects to make their department prominent. The best part is, everyone here works as a family, and I am blessed to be a part of it.

10-The People!

I met a lot of people here nerd, shady, bossy, sassy, and intellectual, you name it and UMT has it. But will a rose still be considered a rose without thorns? No, right. Just like that I have met people cold at heart and people gold at heart, but experiences never go in vain. And guess what, I have met some of the best people in my life, here at UMT.

Amna Sami

Amna aspires to make a difference in the world through research and innovation

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