About Us


UMT Blogs is an initiative to give a voice to the ideas, opinions, experiences and perspectives on the social realities that shape, and are in turn, shaped by our interaction with people and exposure to new ways of thinking. It is a platform that is devoted to the explorations of the world through information-centric perspective. It helps to elevate the voices of people whose opinion matters the most in their domains but it also gives opportunities to those who are striving to make their voices heard in the milieu.

The 21st century is often called the age of electronic media due to which everyone has been drawn closer into what is now called a Global Village. In this era of globalization, people from different backgrounds, religions, cultures, and ethnicities are living together in diverse diasporas; the world has become multicultural and inclusive.

In this backdrop, UMT Blogs will set the stage for the UMT community -students, faculty and staff - to come forward and share their thoughts. Most of us grew up with the adage that the pen is more powerful than the sword; still true in the technology driven times of today, with the only exception that the pen could be a tablet or a keypad. So go ahead and join the arena of ambitious bloggers who want to have a say in shaping the future of the world they are living in. Our only condition is that your perspectives should be free from bigotry and conform to the social, cultural and moral milieu. This is your chance to emerge from oblivion into the limelight. We only require that you do so with original writing that will add value to the voice of UMT on the electronic stage. We will make sure your work is published without any prejudice, discrimination or nepotism.